"Senõrita" (Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello) - Review

Acoustic guitar, verbed out snaps and muted high fret picking takes us into the latin sway of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ new record, “Senõrita”. The duo have been a hit machine before, with their single “I Know What You Did Last Summer” dominating the Top 40 in 2015. With their recent endeavor, their compatibility shines through once more. 

Cabello’s vocals, whispery yet maintaining tension, draw us in immediately. Anthemic in it’s romance, the production is humid and saturated. Mendes begins the verse, singing of Miami and summer rain. His falsetto is a polished balance of silky smooth and packed full of emotion. The second half of the verse fills with harmonies, a nostalgic and caring touch. Throughout the whole song, you can hear Mendes and Cabello’s love for pure pop. 

Suddenly, all sound drops spare Cabello and Mendes’ croon. “I love it when you call me senõrita”, followed by the already colorful soundscape bursting into life. Pulsing and buried kick pulls us through the section, accentuated by a full and rich guitar. Echoed snapping leads us in a sway. Soft and sparkling vocals dance through, pleading for red hot intensity, and the production happily obliges. 

Seamlessly, verse 2 begins as Cabello describes a tense relationship on the tip of her tongue. Mendes comes in soon after, being the bass that levels out her breathy serenade. Once more, we’re back at the chorus. The bridge comes just as smoothly as every section, riding off the wave of the chorus. “Oh, you know I’ll be coming for you.” Both artists have pretty decent chops, and the bridge creates a refreshing space for them to flex their runs.

To tie the package together, a drop back to the intro soundscape and a face to face Mendes and Cabello sing the final phrase. “Ooh, you keep me coming to you.” Loopable pop perfection, it’s no surprise this track is dominating the radio. Mendes and Cabello are cementing themselves as Pop legends, studying the craft and polishing the product.